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MYZONE® MZ-60 Watch


Displays heart rate data from your MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt.

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  • Product Description
    The MZ-60 watch pairs directly with your MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt to display your Heart Rate, intensity level, MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) and calories. This perfect companion to your MZ-3, provides convenient real time feedback during your workout, helping you to hit your goals and stay motivated. The MYZONE watch does not detect Heart Rate without an MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt.
  • Features
    • Displays real time data from your MYZONE® Physical Activity Belt.
    • Shows digital time and date.
    • Stop watch/ count down timer/ alarm/ interval timer.
    • Perfect training partner for when you can't carry your smartphone.
    • Displays Heart Rate/ MEPs/ Calories/ Effort.
    • Water Resistant.
    • 1 year warranty.
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